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Improve decisions and planning for city
operations, urban development, and
infrastructure projects

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Create an always-on environment: the start to your city-scale digital twin.

Improve Planning

  • Easily access your data and applications from anywhere
  • Sketch, combine data, and evaluate options
  • Create 3D scenes and share them with your team
  • Gain insights by involvement and dialogue

Communicate and Engage

  • Conduct global or local project overviews with all stakeholders, including the public
  • Publish to web mobile, or showroom with one click
  • Share detailed scenes of projects
  • Capture comments and feedback

Access your plans and projects anywhere and anytime with Microsoft Azure.

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Combine geospatial, 3D models, and reality capture data - all in a single environment.

Are you ready for a top-down and bottom-up approach for decision support and engagement with your stakeholders?

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Start with the data you have now. Add more when you are ready.

Start with the data that you have already at your disposal. Our experts can help you get the data you need to get up and running. When you're ready for more, our trusted surveying and mapping partners are here to help.

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Users create digital twins at site, campus, and city-scale.

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Improve Decisions

  • Create and use smart city dashboards and project portals.
  • Integrate live sensor and feed in 3D map or project views
  • View attributes and semantic data with objects and components
  • Link engineering data and BIM/CAD